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The perfect social wine! From the pretty pink hue to the refreshing taste on a warm summer day, rosé has become one of the "go-to" summer wines. Rosé is not a specific type of grape - it's a genre of wine like white or red. While similar to how red wines are produced, the time that it ferments with grape skins is shorter. The juice is run off the skins early in order to extract only the perfect amount of colour.

Bubbles aren't just for New Years! The world's leading wine markets have been long awaiting the release of Prosecco DOC Rosè.  As of January 2021, the DOC gave its stamp of approval making Prosecco Rosè official. It has the taste of Prosecco with freshness, floral notes and fruit. The category is set to take off and that's because Prosecco DOC Rosè is all about quality.

It doesn't get much more aromatic than Viognier! This white grape is known for its intense fruity, floral, exotic notes. It can offer intoxicating fruit and floral aromas with notes of spring flowers, peaches, apricots and even lush tropical fruits. The palate is dry and full-bodied. It often has a soft and round mouthfeel, with relatively low acidity, and a higher alcohol content.

Welcome to the 2020 American Winery of the Year! Brothers Michael and David Phillips are 5th generation grape growers whose family has cultivated wine grapes in the Lodi region for nearly a century. Michael David Winery, founded in 1984, prides itself on farming with future generations in mind, having adopted some of the most progressive sustainable farming practices in the state of California.

Barolo is produced in the foothills of the Alps in Piedmont, which is in the Italy’s North-Western part. It is produced from the Nebbiolo grape, which is one of the world’s most site-specific varietals. The Nebbiolo grape variety is largely responsible for the quality of this great wine. It is also very demanding, challenging and hard to cultivate. With the King of Wines, there are no compromises.

We can all agree that every season is wine season; however,  certain wines pair better with specific seasons. Let's think about Spring... The grass is getting greener, the trees are budding and the birds are chirping. As the weather warms, our taste buds start to crave wines that are fresh and clean. Appropriate Spring wines will be light, refreshing and pleasant to sip. Welcome to the wonderful world of Pinot Grigio.

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